Enormity close to launch in hard copy

Printed copies of Enormity are just around the corner. I’m printing the book through Amazon via their Createspace subsidiary. So far I have received a printed proof copy which I am scouring from start to finish – a final search for errors. As it turns out, I have found quite a few. A freshly proofed version of the Enormity eBooks will be up soon too. Nothing major has been changed – just a few dastardly typos that slipped under the radar.


So far I would recommend the website Createspace for the purpose of printing hard copies of your novel to sell yourself. The set-up cost so far has been nothing. The printed and bound proof copy of Enormity that I received (for about $US6 plus postage) is of a quality you would find in a store. Uploading the book was easy. I downloaded Createspaces’ Word.doc template, which was formatted appropriately for a book that is 9 inches high by 6 inches wide. You could attempt this yourself, but there are a few tricky margin settings. I found it quick just to copy and paste the chapters and other intro/outro pages into their template document. Uploading the cover art/book jacket was relatively easy. I used InDesign to knock together the front, back and spine. Createspace gave me a simple formula to work out how wide my spine had to be to accommodate 468 pages (the total page length of Enormity). I have attached a photo gallery of the book, so you can take a look at the quality for yourself. Createspace also puts a barcode on the back for you, using the ISBN number you provide. Also, I chose the cream paper. Looks great. I also chose Constantia as my font and an 11 point size. Looks excellent and is easy to read.

NOTE TO AUSSIE INDIE AUTHORS: Get yourself an ISBN number for your book. It’s an internationally recognised unique number that identifies your book anywhere in the world. Head here to purchase some. I found the interface of the website quite straightforward: Thorpe-Bowker ISBN numbers


So far releasing Enormity has been a real learning experience and I have been feeling my way through the process without much guidance. It’s clear that I have to get some documentation in order and apply for an American tax number. This is because Amazon taxes you at a whopping 30% if you live in Australia and do not have an EIN or a TIN or any other relevant digits. You need to get this sorted out if you don’t want to be giving up a third of your book’s income. There is some helpful information and links on Amazon’s Kindle Platform website. If you get your forms in and are approved for an American tax number, you should be taxed at something closer to 15% due to Australia’s tax treaty with the US. I’m still investigating this financial side of the process – it’s certainly not my favourite aspect of releasing a novel. But it has to be done. Take a look at the info here: Information on setting up tax status with Amazon


I have the venue lined up. Stay tuned for more details on the gigantic and wild official book launch for Enormity, which will be happening before the end of 2013.

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