Enormity Part Two hits e-shelves

cover06Apologies for the long period between blogs. This lack of communication is a big no-no in the blog world. Allowing your media platform to decay is a cardinal sin. So I’m back!

Many reasons for the lack of blogging:

  • I’m furiously proof reading Enormity in its entirety.
  • I’m quietly marketing the book to friends through social media.
  • I was house hunting for a new property.
  • Now I’m moving house.
  • I was temporarily homeless due to a mould infestation and have been living between three different homes.

The idea of “proof reading” is interesting, because in the world of eBooks it really is a never-ending process. Errors are not as permanent as the printed word. I can upload a newly polished copy of Enormity and in 12 hours (give or take) it has replaced the previous copy of the book on Amazon. An eBook is ever-evolving.

PART TWO: Cover concept for Enormity's second portion.

PART TWO: Cover concept for Enormity’s second portion.

I have consciously broken the biggest rule in publishing and that is to not have another set of professional proof-reading eyes scan my work. I have done all the proofing and subbing, except for a string of basic errors found by my girlfriend Amanda when she was reading the final draft.

So even though I have released two thirds of the book so far, I know there will be some minor errors. It sounds horrifying to admit that. But the release is small – less than 100 people have downloaded the book so far – and there is time to keep polishing and refining until I’m finally done.

Having the book out there and receiving positive feedback has been hugely inspiring. It feels like I have stepped forward as an author. The refining process will be finalised by the time the “Complete Edition” of Enormity is released.

The next steps in the release of Enormity:

  • Final sub/proof of Enormity (Part Three)
  • Cover designed for Enormity (Complete Edition)
  • An ISBN number
  • Getting the book and an author profile on Goodreads.com
  • Distribution through Smashwords.com
  • Publicity mailout
  • Pay for a mailout at Bookbub.com
  • More Facebook advertising

I’ve also been doing some reading up on eBook marketing (on my Kindle). Check these books out if you’re interested in that subject. They’re free:

Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker

Last but not least, here is the link to the epic Enormity (Part Two):

Enormity (Part Two)

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