Reviews for Enormity trickle in

KIND WORDS: Jace Everett read Enormity (Part One) and was kind enough to give me some quotes.

KIND WORDS: Jace Everett read Enormity (Part One) and was kind enough to give me some quotes.

The response to the Anzac Day release of Enormity (Part One) has so far been very encouraging. It’s only been out for two weeks, so naturally a lot of people are still finding the time to read it. But I’m prepared for the process of marketing the book to be a long one.

I was incredibly humbled this week when I was contacted by country rock star Jace Everett. He told me he was reading Enormity (Part One) and has since finished it. Like a lot of other Australians I discovered his music via the television series True Blood, for which Everett wrote and performed the theme song ‘Bad Things’. I soon discovered that the songwriter has an impressive catalogue of music – solid tracks like ‘Lean Into The Wind’, ‘Possession’, ‘One of Them’, ‘Burn For You’ and ‘That’s the Kind of Love I’m In’.

Here’s Mr Everett’s take on Enormity so far:

Raunchy and rowdy, poetic and perplexing, Milligan’s Enormity is aptly named. Much like another favorite Aussie export, Nick Cave, Milligan doesn’t shy away from the grotesque and the absurd as he shines his light on the terrible beauty of the human condition. This is compelling fiction that leaves you wanting more…

– Jace Everett

Here are some other reviews that have appeared on Amazon from happy readers:

Such an amazing read! A definite page turner. Cannot wait for part two. I highly recommend buying it. Get involved!


I started reading without the blurb so it took me a couple of chapters to get in to the swing of things.

Then all this stuff happened and it was interesting. Now it’s like the end of a GoT season and I want to read the next installment so hard.

When’s it coming out? When?

Bloody when?


Definitely one of the most intriguing stories I have ever read, the kind of book you need to schedule your day around. Destined to be a best seller!

Promising responses so far. Hopefully some more reviews trickle in this week. I’m busily polishing up Enormity (Part Two) for a release by May 30. Stay tuned for details of Enormity (Part One)‘s release across different eBook platforms.

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