Enormity inches closer…

Further to my previous blog about deciding to release my debut novel, Enormity, as an eBook, I have decided to split the novel into three parts. I will make the whole novel available to people who want to read the entire thing, but initially I will release the 440-plus page tome in three sections. To begin with, I will only make Enormity available on Kindle/Amazon, but after the initial wave of feedback from friends and family etc, I will then officially launch the book with a sufficiently extravagant marketing campaign etc.

I’m looking forward to at least having Enormity out there for friends and family, so at the very least they can finally get a taste of what I’ve been working on for the last four years of my life.

More and more books are being serialised – as they were in times gone by – and I don’t mind the idea. Being such a long book, splitting it into three sections would also make it easier to navigate on the Kindle. Each of the three parts will be 99c from Amazon.com.

I’ve also been tinkering with some book cover concepts. I’m not an amazing graphic designer, but I would like to book covers to be clean and simple and not literal interpretations of the story in any way. The book is very abstract, so the covers should be too. I also like the idea of it looking like a classic science fiction novel from the 1950s.

Stay tuned for a release date of the first part.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover art:

WORK IN PROGRESS: Cover design concept for Enormity: Part One

WORK IN PROGRESS: Cover design concept for Enormity: Part One

PART TWO: Cover concept for Enormity's second portion.

PART TWO: Cover concept for Enormity’s second portion.

ENORMITY: Part Three - the epic finale.

ENORMITY: Part Three – the epic finale.

2 responses to “Enormity inches closer…

    • Hey mate! Nah, it is literally just the novel separated into three parts. So you would need to start with the first. This is just the initial method of release. I will put the whole book out as one download once the final draft is complete. Right now I’m just polishing it in three separate sections. 🙂

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