Digital decision

My new project is about a pair of glasses. Stay tuned.

My new project is about a pair of glasses. Stay tuned.

I’ve decided to release Enormity as an eBook – totally digital and totally independent. I’ve read a number of articles lately that have swayed me. Even though their aim was not to necessarily sway someone to not seek any formal representation, this was their impact on me.

Here is the most recent: Self-publishing takes off for aspiring bestseller writers

I like the idea of the fate of my literary career being in my own hands. It seems like a wondrous challenge. You need a certain ego confidence to make such a decision, but when Enormity is released I will be going out of my way to make sure every human on the planet hears about it.

I like the idea of the book just being out there. It might not explode over night, but I’m happy for it to build in popularity over an extended period of time. During this period I can continue to write fiction and expand the amount of work I have available online. I believe very strongly that Enormity has the potential to be a worldwide bestseller. Nothing will stand in it’s way.

I like the idea of doing my own marketing and publicity. I have an insight into how that all works. I need to do more research into the specific channels to market eBooks and which work the best, but this process can continue into the future. EBooks don’t go out of print. They’re eternal. I can chip away and chip away, championing the novel for years to come.

I like the idea of the book being printed with a publisher down the track. But it will be at a point when the book is established. I don’t want to make changes to Enormity for anyone. I like that it’s challenging and abstract, while also being a thrilling page-turner.

I like the idea of not having to compromise on Enormity for anyone. What I put out there will be a singular vision and glorious in its self-indulgence.

One final proof read of the finished manuscript and I will be putting Enormity online through Smashwords and Amazon. And, of course, there will be a lavish party to celebrate. Get your eReaders ready.

In other news, my “novella” might only be a “novelette”. It’s about naked women and involves a pair of glasses. Fifteen pages and 4597 words in, I’m pretty darn happy with it. Stay tuned for more details. 

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