Cat Power: interview

CLAWS OUT: Cat Power is a captivating artist and was a memorable interview.

CLAWS OUT: Cat Power is a captivating artist and was a memorable interview.

Cat Power is returning to Newcastle in 2013. When I heard the news, I dug out this chat I had with Chan Marshall before her last visit. She is one life’s unique individuals and in talking to her I sensed an enigmatic and creatively restless spirit on the other end of the phone line. Marshall had a few personal demons at the time, as we all do, and I recall her show at Newcastle Panthers being particularly dark, meandering and dream-like. It was a beautiful show in many ways, but it required more attention that most people had turned up with.

Marshall’s new Cat Power record, Sun, is a return to her upbeat, off-kilter pop and has the hallmarks of someone who’s found a golden patch in their existence. It’s radiant. I’m a big fan of Marshall’s voice and approach to songwriting.

Cat Power also has a long relationship with Australia. She has frequently toured and collaborated with members of The Dirty Three and also record her album Moon Pix in Australia.

In my interview with her Cat Power is one of my all-time favourite quotes from an artist. It’s about the process of recording and capturing a recording of a song:

I don’t know how to feel good about recording. It’s strange – it’s like trapping ghosts. It’s like math. Or trapping the meaning of life. That doesn’t really feel right.

Anyways… here’s our chat: Cat Power lands on her feet

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