The Peeping Toms

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Where does the day go? I feel like I’ve asked myself this question every night before I fall asleep. When I’m working, creatively, the passing of time seems a heavier burden. The self-imposed pressure to be productive can become suffocating.

It has been over two years since the first third of my debut novel Enormity was released as an ebook on Anzac Day 2013. In that time I’ve attempted to market the book as an independent author, which can be both rewarding and testing. But I’ve also continued to write. Time weighs now as I entertain the idea that readers will forget about me unless I release something new.

In this disposable culture it is very easy to sink and disappear in the quagmire of white noise. So, with that said, I’m going to start releasing stories more regularly. I have written a stack of short pieces that I have been sitting on, waiting until I have enough to release a decent-sized paperback. But in the ebook word, length is no barricade.

Lots of people are downloading and reading short stories, and I have a few to share – and a few in the works. In June (if all goes according to plan), I’m going to put a short story called The Peeping Toms into the world. I started writing it in February 2014 and finished it a few months later. It’s an odd, Twilight Zone-esque morality tale that has little sense of morality. It’s only about 11,900 words. It has taken a bit of polishing but is very close to completion. I’m going to release it with little fanfare and let people stumble across it.

It will be up on Amazon – so get your Kindle and Kindle apps ready.

There are more short stories on the way. And, most importantly, the follow-up to Enormity is not far away. I can reveal a few things about it. Its working title is Twilight of Youth. It takes place on Earth and its timeline is simultaneous with the events in Enormity. Jack does not appear in it. There is a new protagonist called Larson. The plot has expanded quite rapidly, which is why it’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated. But about eight chapters have been written. So there is progress!

Thank you to everyone who has read Enormity and enjoyed it. I hope you like the next tales I publish.

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