Game of Thrones: 13 characters in retro gear

GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-04Just stumbled across these awesome artworks. They will be especially appreciated by Game of Thrones fans. They are the work of Tokyo-based Frenchman Mike Wrobel. You can see more of his art here: Moshi-kun

You can buy his artworks there too – prints, T-shirts etc. I think I’ll have to get Daenerys “Queen of Ferrets” for my wall at home.

GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-01 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-02 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-03 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-05 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-06 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-07 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-08 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-09 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-10 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-11 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-12 GOT-Mike-Wrobel-Art-13

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