Marilyn Manson: interview

Marilyn Manson rediscovered himself and his music on his 2007 record Eat Me, Drink Me.

Marilyn Manson rediscovered himself and his music on his 2007 record Eat Me, Drink Me.

“Life’s not all peaches and cream, but at least I can still find someone to hold my hand and walk through hell.”

– Marilyn Manson, 2007

I received a call late one afternoon in mid-2007 – around 4.30pm, if I recall correctly – that an interview slot with Marilyn Manson had opened up the following morning. I had missed out on an interview with him for Reverb, but was next in line. Fate smiled. I agreed to take the slot and dashed down to Beaumont Street Beat (RIP) to grab a copy of his new record Eat Me, Drink Me. That night I gave it a decent listen and did extensive research.

As I mentioned in this article, which ran as the cover story on the August 2007 edition of Reverb, Manson is very articulate. A lot of people realised this when he spoke to Michael Moore in the documentary Bowling For Columbine, when he defended his music against allegations that it fuelled the Columbine High School massacre.

Reading the article now, the intro is far too indulgent. These days I would never wait that long to bring in quotes from the interviewee. You should really bring in the quotes as soon as you can. It’s far more engaging for the reader. But I was 24, the editor of a magazine, and felt completely entitled to waffle on.

Now I [mostly] save the rambling for my creative writing or when I’m hosting Music and Movie Trivia each Tuesday night. But I look back on my chance chat with Mr Manson as a fond memory.

Here’s the article: Marilyn Manson feeds the hunger

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