“… they cut down the maple tree I carved your name into …”

blog 001

Where do I begin?

It seems the blogosphere might actually exist beyond human life on this planet, so it’s time I made the transition from flesh to online reality.

This blog, Meadowlake Street, will be a platform for my musings. A peaceful suburb of rants and babblings. The focus will particularly be on creative writing, a pursuit that has fuelled me for most of my life. As an entertainment journalist and avid consumer of music, films and books, I intend to blog – to document – how particular examples of those three artistic outlets have influenced my writing. It’s also a way for me to recommend books, music and movies to you.

Why ‘Meadowlake Street’? It’s a song written by Ryan Adams and was released on his Cold Roses double album. I consider him to be the greatest songwriter born since the day he entered this world and ‘Meadowlake Street’ is possibly his most wondrous musical achievement. So I hereby name this blog after that song – a tune that exemplifies the whimsical energy and escapism that music has the ability to possess. It’s a level of emotive power I aim for in my fiction.

Welcome to Meadowlake Street.

Enjoy your stay. 

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